Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Welcome To "Radical Love"

Well, It’s here! Welcome to Radical Love! I (Mariah) am so excited to see how God will use the blog/website!

God has blessed me with some wonderful godly, women in my life. Some I see on a regular basis others are across the country and I have not met face to face. But all have impacted and blessed my life.
A couple months ago, God laid on my heart to start a blog with a couple of these women. So here we are today! So let me introduce them to you! You can find more information on each of the girls on the “Who We Are” page. We will be adding more girls to our family soon, but here are our wonderful girls as of now:

Hayley- Is one of my best friends! She has been a constant and faithful friend and sister in Christ. Her love for the Lord is so evident in all that she does.
Devan- went to Bible college with my brother Aaron last year and has become a sweet friend of mine. She is such an encouragement with her sweet spirit and love for Jesus.
Joanna- and I met through a home school website. Through I have never met her face to face; I can clearly see her heart for the Lord and desire to serve Him.
Rachel- I also met Rachel through the home school website. She has been such a blessing in my life. Her giving spirit and faithful prayer and support has been incredible!

I love reading blogs, but a trend I have noticed is that they are fluffy and flakey even narcissistic at times. Everything is about us, our lives, what we are doing, how important we are… etc. I do understand that some blogs have purposes… a young mother writing about her kids and parenting, a college student writing about her fun times, a newlywed couple writing about their life… etc. I totally understand all of that but still I think blogs can be a place to show off who we are and how great we are. That is not our goal here.

Even Christian blogs or websites that address issues for young women have the tendency to be shallow and uncontroversial. With the Lord’s help and guidance this will not be said of us!

In our generation-media and the world has affected us. Our viewpoint and worldview on how we live. We tend to live in a way that is ‘normal’ rather than live in light of God’s word, letting it affect every area of our lives. Dictating our choices, beliefs and standards.

There is a reason that the divorce rate of Christian church goers is the same to atheists. There is a reason that teens in the church are sexually active. There is a reason that college students are walking away from their faith. It’s because they have not fallen in love with Jesus Christ. They have not fully surrendered to Him.

When that has happened there will be a difference. When believers are in love in Christ there will be a radical difference in the way we live. Not just being able to say the right answers but believe and abide by the truth.

When we are in love with Christ we will long for His glory not ours. Our worldview, our lifestyle, and our purpose will be all about Him.

By no means are we perfect or have this down. But we feel called to share with you how God is molding us and shaping us. We want to challenge you, encourage you, and call you out from a mediocre Christianity to a life in full surrender to Jesus Christ- by that living your life with a Radical Love for Jesus and for the world.

This will not be a warm and fuzzy blog. At times it may step on some toes. You may think that we are being too literal, too radical, too bold, or not politically-correct. What we are doing is calling people back to what Jesus commands us to do and be. If I recall correctly, His message was not warm and fuzzy and it was not politically correct. He was literal, straight forward and He did not teach what was comfortable and popular.

So please don’t expect a pretty little fluffy jot about how to be more spiritual.

So are you ready??

Let’s be RADICAL!!!

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  1. I just found your blog through connecting young Christian bloggers and I am very impressed. To be sure I will be reading this blog. I also invite you to check out the devotional blog I do with a few of my friends, Meditations of His Love.