Thursday, March 24, 2011

Meet Sarah!


It is easier to stand in the cold protesting than to stand in the warmth with someone whose life is falling apart.
It is easier to stand an hour shouting, than to spend an hour listening to a breaking heart.
It is easier to know what you are supposed to do, than to actually do it.
It is easier to take a stand when you have people who support you than when you are all alone.
It is easier to judge someone when you yourself have never been in their place.
It is easier to say someone should do something than do it yourself.
It is easier to walk to the other side of the road and ignore the out casts.
It is easier to tell someone what they are about to do is wrong while we stand on this side of the fence.
It is far easier to be a hypocrite, than any of us would like it to be.
It is hard to love those who standers are so low, but that is what Christ did.
It is hard to be kind to a person who is making bad decisions, yet Jesus did it every day.
It is hard to believe that many would waste the precious gift of grace that God hold out to them, but isn’t that what we are doing?
Have we forgotten that God loved us at our worst?  That he took hold of us while we were in our sin?  That we didn’t have to wait until our morals were high to receive our salvation? Have we forgotten that God loved us before we ever loved him?  Have we not learned that we are supposed to extend that love with those who are dying in their sins?
It is easy to believe that we are too holy to reach down and touch a shattered life.
It is hard for us to except that sometimes, we try to live a life holier than Jesus did.
It is easy to thank Christ for saving us from our sin and gave us his love.
It is hard to live that love.

Hello!  My name is Sarah Holman, and I am 20 years old.  I live in central Texas with my wonderful mom and dad, my four younger sisters and one younger brother.  My parents homeschooled me through high school, and I loved every minute of it.
Some of the things I love to do are writing, reading and playing piano.  I have graduated, and I am hoping to become a published author and ultimately a wife and mother.
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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Praying for this Generation of Men...

I don't know about you but when I see godly womanhood and manhood in practice it excites me. When I see a guy who is pursuing godliness and Christ-likeness it encourages me. I am so blessed to have the two closest guys in my life- my dad and older brother-Aaron, be excellent examples of godly manhood.

When we look at our current generation of men (and the generation to come) it doesn't look that great. The lost art of chivalry and manliness is fleeting and what is left is a mamby-pamby guy. Ok, I know I'm being a bit harsh.... I know not all men are like this but that's where it's headed.

I know as a girl, I sometimes ask myself, 'Are there any good guys out there?':)

I'm not alone am I???

Instead of thinking about how bad guys are or what we want to change about them.... how about we go to the Source- Jesus. What if we committed to lift up this generation of men to Him? What if we started praying for change? What if we prayed that the Lord would raise up generation of chivalrous,brave-hearted men who will fight for what is right,pure and godly? What would be the results?

As single girls, this can be our role.... praying for our brothers in Christ.

Here are some areas that we can be praying for our brothers....

1.) Pray that our brothers would be in love with Jesus. That their delight would be in the Lord.

2.) Pray that they would be living and walking by the power of the Holy Spirit. That they would continually yield themselves to the Lord Jesus.

3.) Pray that they would be the godly, strong and courageous leaders they are called to be. That they would be the men that God desires.

4.) Pray that they would be filled with wisdom, discernment and understanding. That they would be pursuing Christ-likeness and be filled with His attributes.

5.) Pray that the Lord would guard their hearts, eyes and minds from anything immoral and impure. That Jesus would give them the strength to fight victoriously over the temptations and lures that this would constantly throws at them.

6.) Pray for for an generation of men that will speak truth and do what is right in a generation of social and political correctness.

7.) Pray that the Lord would raise up men who will who carry out the Great Commission. Rescuing the hopeless,fatherless, poor and needy.

I know I have missed several areas but this will get you started.

Maybe devote this next week to spend an extra amount of time in prayer for our brothers in Christ around the world.
Just think about the impact we can have on this generation and the generations to come if we start praying for men- as leaders, pastors, husbands, fathers, singles, missionaries etc.... I think the impact could be incredible!!